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Community Council

Holt Elementary Community Council 2019 - 2020

No elections were held for the 2019-2020 school year because a sufficient number of applications were turned in by the election deadline. Submitted applicants were placed on this year’s Community Council.

Oct. 24, 2019  SCC Agenda

1. Welcome

2. Chair/ Vice Chair

3. Overview Video

4. Trustlands Funding

5. SIP

6. Brainstorming

7. Future Meetings


Dec. 5, 2019 SCC Agenda

1. Review current SIP goals

2. Revies end of year data

3. Discuss changes implemented this school year

     a.  I Can Statement/Curriculum Maps/Assessments

     b. Power Hour Push-in ELL

     c. Phonemic Awareness

     d. Progress Monitoring

      e. Weekly PLC

4. Next Meeting Jan. 9th @ 5:30